Announcements for Easter Sunday

Good morning everyone!
With joy, we welcome family, friends and visitors on this Easter Sunday of new beginnings and new life! Christ is Risen! Know and experience the power and presence of the risen Christ. Let us Rejoice!
Following the service, please join us for coffee fellowship and cake and to meet our new members.
Ushers: Bill Purvis, Barb Ryan, Betty Bembredge, Bernard Allen, Dick Scott
Scripture reader: Earla Smith
Flower arrangements in the sanctuary are placed:
In loving memory of Nora and Willard Picketts from their daughters Elaine Robinson and Anne Purcell
In loving memory of Dee Purvis from her husband Bill and daughter Deborah.
In loving memory of Nedra and Don Brown from Barb, Ellen and Doug
In loving memory of Malcolm "Mac" Murray from his family.

Parking Lot  -  Sunday Parking
We need to save the parking lot spaces opposite the church steps for those people of our congregation who are having difficulty with distance walking. They are clearly marked for special requirements. We would ask you to keep that in mind each Sunday and allow those who need assistance most to occupy them.

Communion - Easter Sunday        
Minister's left Minister's right
Joan Clark (LF) Faye Hawes (balcony)
Elaine Wilson (CLF) Bill Purvis (CRF)
Shirley O'Sullivan (Choir) Barb Ryan (RF)
We will be using gluten-free bread for Communion to allow those with gluten sensitivity to participate.
The Spirit of a Place
I could tell you what the website says. It says that the Windsor Youth Centre is Windsor, Ontario's, only drop-in centre for homeless and at-risk youth, and that it serves more than 1,200 meals each month. I could read you the mission statement: "The Windsor Youth Centre serves the basic and immediate needs of homeless and at-risk youth in a safe and friendly atmosphere with the aim to foster positive change and growth." That's easy.
What is difficult to describe is the sense of community. Providing safety, food, access to other services, and other necessities has been important, but it takes a visit to the centre to see that what is most valuable is the spirit of a place where people don't just learn to care for themselves but also care for one another.
Early in 2011, the Faith in Action Committee of Essex Presbytery identified youth homelessness as a priority. Through visiting other agencies and learning from the larger community, we began to understand the problem of hidden homelessness in our community. With a grant from the Essex Presbytery Development Fund and further monies from Mission and Service, plans began for the Windsor Youth Centre. When the centre opened in October 2011, only two or three youth a night came in. However, once word spread throughout the community, the number of youth rose quickly, far exceeding our expectations. The Windsor Youth Centre was able to meet the need because of the generosity of congregations; the hard work, dedication, and compassion of its more than 50 volunteers; and ongoing support from Mission and Service grants.
Please continue to give generously so that youth can experience compassionate community. Mighty and tender God, our gifts to M&S help your church to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with you.
Scripture readings for April 27 
  Psalm 16  
  1 Peter 1:3-9  
  Acts 2:12a, 22-32  
  John 20:19-31  
Saturday May 3rd, 2014, 5-7 p.m., St. James United Church Gym
Presented and Hosted by St. James Visioning Committee
Come and enjoy a delicious pot luck supper, and be part of the visioning for our church!
A second Town Hall meeting is planned for June 7th. Please reserve this date.