Announcements for February 14

Today's Scripture Reader: Adell Keays-White
Today's Greeters: Bernie Allen, Betty Bembridge, Barb Millar, Alan Morris

Stewardship Mission & Service Project for Lent
The M&S Fund represents our collective way to be God's presence in the world-to be the church, to love and serve, to seek justice, to live with respect in creation.
On the table at the back of the sanctuary, you will find empty film canisters. Please take one to collect loonies and toonies during Lent. (Rather than buying a coffee, a chocolate bar, or chips, you would put that coin in the canister, foregoing some small pleasure or indulgence.) The canisters will be returned on Easter Sunday, and the contributions will go to the Mission & Service Fund. (Your contribution will be credited to your church envelope number.) Thank you for supporting this project.

The Committee of Stewards will meet next Sunday, February 21.

The spring flea market will be held on Saturday, April 23.

All are invited to a World Day of Prayer 2016 service being held at 2 p.m. on Friday, March 4 (storm date March 11) at St. Agnes Roman Catholic Parish, 6903 Mumford Road, Halifax. A reception will follow the service.

A Note from Rev. Fred
As you know, our coffee fellowship has been wonderfully looked after for us by Virtue Tulk, Phyllis Rose, and Joan Inkpen. They will continue to do this on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Our heartfelt thanks to them and to Melanie Rendell, Alex Ritchie, and Joyce Wylie, who have offered to fill this role on the other Sundays. Our coffee fellowship is an important social time for us, and we value it greatly.

Members of the UCW are now collecting used eyeglasses (including sunglasses). These will be given to the Lions Club for forwarding to the minimum security facility in Summerside, where inmates repair the glasses for distribution in the Caribbean. The UCW also continues to collect used postage stamps and Campbell's soup labels. Both are used to support local charities. Boxes for these projects are on the vestibule table. Thanks for your support!

If anyone is seeking to join St. James this Easter, through confirmation or transfer of membership, please contact the church office. Dates for confirmation classes will be announced later.

St. James Book Club
A Terrible Beauty Is Born
On January 26, the book club met for our second annual poetry session, this time with a selection of poems by William Butler Yeats, widely considered the greatest poet of the 20th century. Much of Yeats' work is richly layered with symbolic meaning yet still accessible and evocative for readers who come to his work with no prior knowledge of Yeats or his symbolism. Many of his poems have an ethereal feel, taking the reader deep into the poet's inner landscape. Others are more political, influenced by the rise of Irish nationalism, especially around the time of the Easter Rising in 1916. Indeed, his poetry contributed a great deal to the rejuvenation of Irish culture. Yeats remains a beloved poet, not just of the Irish people, but of readers and scholars everywhere. A most enjoyable evening.
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