Announcements for August 21

Today's Reader: Rena Mae MacDonald

We welcome our friends from Grace United Church, who will worship with us for the remainder of the summer.

Margaret Chittick is seeking someone who can take over coordinating of the Bible study group. Please get in touch with her if you could do this for the upcoming year.

Please keep St. James a scent-free.

The St. James Food Bank is preparing to distribute hygiene kits to their clients in mid-September. The congregation has been so helpful with this project in the past. If you are able to contribute hand towels or full-sized shampoo or toothpaste for these kits, it will be most appreciated.
Additionally, the food bank is in need of a new upright refrigerator. If by chance you're planning to replace one that's still in good working order, please consider donating it to the food bank. They would particularly welcome one with a freezer on top. Many thanks.